Samstag, 27. März 2010

Modeling exam

This was for our 3d modelling and texture exam (basic)

We had a limit of 300 Verts for the well and were only allowed to use 512x512 size for the maps.

This is my result:

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  1. since i was too lazy commenting your email, i
    #ll do it now:
    the idea came out nice. the roof was designed like a wizards hat, and the whole thing looks very fairy-tale-like. which is nice.
    you also made the most out of your vert count.
    however for my own taste, the roof is a bit too long.
    texturing an mapping can be improved. there are broken mappings at the top of the roof.
    the normal of the stones is a bit flat, and has only medium and high details. a bake and sculpt would be better.
    the roof is way too red, respectively has too less of the mossy parts (which are on the stone) on it.
    the spiderwebs are awesome!!
    the well wall is too high. the proportions seem to be a bit off.
    the bucket is nice, but should not be that mossy.
    the black background is crap. use dark grey or a gradient.
    there sould be a winch on the beam, where the rope is rolled on, with what you can rotate this beam.
    check your normalmap for the roof. it looks weird. perhaps invert green channel?

    cu next month!